M100 Manual Thermostat

M100 Manual Thermostat

£34.99 (Inc VAT)

Basic On/Off Thermostat with floor probe. Max Load = 3600watts @ 230V


Manual Thermostat

The manual thermostat is a very simple and easy to use thermostat. With a simple on and off switch and regulating dial to control your underfloor heating. Perfect option if a programmable thermostat is not desired.

The Manual Thermostat comes with a floor sensor cable that is installed at the same time as your underfloor heating. Although this option is the cheapest in our thermostat range, its reliability is on par with our more expensive digital thermostats. The manual thermostat is compatible with all of our underfloor heating systems.

Technical Specification.

  • Voltage 230/240V.
  • 16amp / 3600watt max load*.
  • Temperature Range 5°c – 40°c.
  • Extendable 3-15m floor probe.
  • Manual turn dial
  •  Floor Sensor

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