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Insulation Board Fixing Washers

Insulation Board Fixing Washers


Tile backer Board Washers

Tile backer Board Washer discs. Used to fix tile backer boards to walls and floors. We recommend that you use 12 discs per 1250 x 600mm insulation board. This is merely a guide only. And depending on the type, thickness, sub surface and final covering on the board. It is the installers responsibility to use the correct number of discs to hold the board in place. Tile Backer Boards & Tile backer Board Washers Our tile backer board washers work perfectly with our tile backer boards. Designed To sit perfectly flush with the tile backer insulation board. Also, they have a pre-formed counter sunk midsection. The washers have perforations to achieve the least obstruction for adhesion. But best of all they are galvanized to protect against any corrosion or degradation over time.  
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