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CT1000 Colour Touch Screen Thermostat

CT1000 Colour Touch Screen Thermostat

WI-FI Colour Touch Screen Thermostat

Our Colour Touch Screen Thermostat has all the features you would expect on the more expensive thermostats on the market. The thermostat comes with an inbuilt air sensor and floor sensor cable. Because of the advanced electrical components inside, it is able to control electric heating off both the air and floor sensor combined, never over heating your floor. This is an important feature when controlling underfloor heating under laminate or wood, when a maximum floor temperature of 27 degrees needs to be maintained.


The CT1000 Colour Touch Screen Thermostat is fully programmable, providing the user with up to 6 heated time zones in a 24 hour period/7 days a week. With the touch of the screen you can easily and quickly regulate your heating manually, or can switch to Economy or even Party Mode.


This top end thermostat will add style and class to your room, at the same time being simple to use. With both the floor and room/air being shown at the same time on the screen, no additional room thermometers or thermostats would be required.

  • Features:

    • Full Wi-Fi Connectivity
    • Easy to use APP
    • Alexa & Google Compatible
    • 5+1+1 weekly programmable cycle
    • Holiday and economy power settings
    • Clock and date display
    • Air and Floor temperature sensors
    • Colour Touch Screen
    • Low Profile Design
    • Fits standard 1G electrical wall box
    • 1 Years manufacturer's warranty

    Technical Specification.

    • Voltage 230V 50/60Hz
    • 16amp / 3.6kW maximum load
    • Temperature Range 5°c - 45°c
    • Extendable 3-15m floor probe
    • Manual or Programmable
    • Air And Floor Sensor
    • Temperature Protection
    • Vacation, Economy, Comfort And Party Modes
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