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150w/m2  Heat Mat

150w/m2 Heat Mat

Roma 150w Under Tile Heating Mats.

Roma 150w under tile and stone heating mats. Mats join together at a junction box and for large areas Multiple mats make up the coverage. Each mat is rated at 150w/m2. And sized at 0.5m wide by various meters in lengths.

Laid directly over a stable wooden and concrete floor. But we would highly recommend insulating the sub floor, prior to laying any under floor heating. Insulation is especially important over an un-insulated concrete sub floor. as the insulation will minimise any heat loss into the floor.


Fitting and warranty information.

Tile and stone flooring is fitted using a flexible adhesive directly over the heating mats. However, it is often better to self level over the heating cable prior to tiling.

Roma 150w heating mats are suitable as a primary heat source. In all commercial and domestic areas. Assuming 70%+ floor coverage is achieved and suitable insulation levels are installed.


Heating cables have a lifetime warranty. If you do get a fault or break under the floor for any reason. We have a specialist team that can locate and repair any faults under the floor. With minimal disruption to your installation. We may need to lift a tile. But most repairs are very quick and easily done all that needs to be done is to replace a tile.

150W/m2 v 200W/m2 Underfloor Heating Mats.


Difference between 150w vs 200w under floor heating. Is the warmup time. Both wattage’s will use a similar amount of electricity. But the 200w mat option will warm up the floor quicker. Consequently it will also turn down or off quicker. This means although it uses more electricity to warmup. It will get to temperature quicker. And turn off. When compared to the 150w option. Will use less electricity to achieve temperature. But will be on longer to get up to the same temperature.

  • Features

    150w Underfloor Heating Mats Features.

    • 150w/sqm output.
    • Dual Core, Teflon insulated with fill earth shield heating element.
    • Ultra thin & durable heating element with high thermal capacity, only 2mm deep.
    • Easy and quick to lay.
    • Pre-spaced wire attached onto tough self adhesive fiberglass mesh backing.
    • Lifetime warranty on heating system.
    • Full fitting instructions.
    • Technical Free Phone Help Line.
    • Next working day delivery service.

    Technical Specification.

    • Operating Voltage 230/240V 50Hz
    • 150w/m2 output.
    • Double insulated, fully sheathed and earthed elements.
    • Mat width, 0.5m
    • 3m long cold / connection tails.


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