Need Help Installing a System?

If you would like your underfloor heating system to be professionally installed, we have our own in house, install team who will be pleased to assist you with your project.

EXTENDED WARRANTY: Warranty extended by an EXTRA 12 months if installed by our engineers!

What Our Customers Say

We pride ourselves on the quality of our developments so we use UFH-DIRECT’s premium range of manifolds and controls on all our projects in Cornwall. I was so pleased with them and their installers I used them on my own home in Newbury.

Nick Long

Managing Director, Legacy

We have used UFH-DIRECT’s materials and their install team on many of our constructions over the years, I can highly recommend them and the quality of their design and install work.

Adam Brimacombe

Director, Classic Builders

We have used several suppliers over the years but now we buy from UFH- Direct, the quality is as good as any on the market and is half the price. They also provide excellent technical support and service.

Louis Baverstock

Director, L&D Group

We had to install under floor heating in a large apartment block in Nottingham. The budget was tight and the Trade range of materials we purchased from UFH-DIRECT provided excellent value for money.

Simon Colton

Director, Colt Engineering

Our Happy Customers
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